So, I never met Chester. We had a lot of friends in common, for reasons that would take some explaining and probably aren’t worth going into here, and I am curious what he would have made of me if he had met me. But mostly, I feel a certain kinship to him, since we both have wrestled with some of the same demons. And thusly, I have written a song…


Godspeed and good luck, wherever you’re off to next.

Also available, Bunne’s remix: Chester, remixed by Bunne.

2 Responses to “Chester”

  1. Diane Says:

    Your demons dont define you, but how you deal with them does. I remember how music and chaos poured out of you when you were young. Now you have more ability to make sense of things inside and outside you. You had to teach yourself that. Some people are not autodidacts at that level… and just run out of runway.

  2. bunne Says:

    Is this about Chester Bennington?

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