Eureka. Well, okay, so that’s a little bit of overkill, but I’m feeling pretty good about today’s mk3 progress. Collisions work. Timeouts work. Transmission and reception work.

Yes, I’m building the seven layer model, one layer at a time. I’m feeling pretty damn guruish. I’ve made it past layer one [the hardware] and layer two [MAC, etc]. Let’s see if I can survive layer 3 [line protocol, though OSI calls it something else. I swear OSI is the most confusing system I’ve ever seen – there are _much_ better ways to describe what happens on a network than they use]

Anyway, today was a very good day on the bench.. found a few potential glitches in the network circuit, made them be unglitched [I had too large a bleed resistor on the tank cap, and needed a resistor before the diode as well as the one after it – the new schematic is at

Listening to Southern Cross [Crosby, Stills, Nash, Et Al, but I’m listening to Jimmy Buffet do it live. May the powers that be bless peer-to-peer, because it is here and it is NOT going away.

[Notice to the powers that be: Try hard enough to shut us down and we will build our own internet out of microwave links. And don’t doubt me, because I’ll be the first to publish designs. Freedom is coming and you can’t stop it, so better get ready!]

[Notice to those who think of downloading from Grokster as ‘stealing’: We will pay the artists what the labels pay the artists now. It will work out. We’re simply voting that we don’t like music labels, that’s all.. ]

[look, I want to be a professional musician and I _love_ Grokster/Napster/et al. Finally, we can transmit for free what we want the world to hear.]

I need more time. I have so many things that need built, but limited finances before I must find a job. I’ve still got a few months of ‘hang time’, though. And there’s always the hope that the control board for the PFC-20 will do well.

Listening to George Michael’s ‘Freedom’. Great song.

Really hope Dave comes over again. Must put basement back togeather. Must also get more sleep. Lack of sleep = bad idea. But there’s so much to do.

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