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Bread and circusesBoth Heinlien and my dad are fond of pointing out that the problem with democracies is that they always vote themselves bread and circuses. I don't actually agree. I think the problem with democracies is that they forget to vote themselves bread and circus infrastructure. Armed with robot tractors, robot electronics assembly plants, robot harvesters, and the like, free bread for everyone should be no big deal. Our problem as humans thus far is that we've lacked the cojones to dream really, really big. Forget welfare - we need to figure out the technological challenge of making everyone wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.Thought # 32 / 2009-08-01 14:48:33
Small things are big
Big things are small
Tiny acts have huge effects

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Exploring the Stephen's Pass train tunnel, where ES hsa a d00f every year.



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