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Positive valuesI want to think that all entities, no matter how complex or simple, no matter how rich or poor in energy, matter, or information, are in some sense equal and all are worthy of love and respect and, whenever possible, help in finding what they seek

These concepts are so old that they are immortal, and resonate within the very core of the universe:

It is better to build up than to tear down
Better to bring peace than war
Better to love than to hate
Better to include than to exclude
Better to create than to destroy
Thought # 2 / 2006-08-05 01:09:31
Small things are big
Big things are small
Tiny acts have huge effects

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So, it remains to be seen if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.. I will say the math is starting to get pretty hardcore around here.

Here’s the computing farm..

You know things are getting serious when I can find a use for 26 cores, 12 of which are high end Xeon.

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Sheer tries to budget his time...


Exploring the Stephen's Pass train tunnel, where ES hsa a d00f every year.


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