W * S * H * R

Wshr is a streaming radio station run by Sheer Pullen. Please email Sheer if you'd like to broadcast using it. WSHR is in no way affiliated with the radio station licenced by the government to broadcast using the call letter WSHR. At some point we may have a terrestrial relay - not sure when that will be or how much power it will be. If you'd like to help with a terrestrial relay, also email Sheer. At times when no live broadcast is occuring, content may be broadcast either from Sheer's mp3 collection, or from a collection of songs recorded by Sheer Sound Studios including a number of jam sessions by The Mischief Committee and The Art Theives among others. Archives of shows after 9/11/2007 will be available at this address. A flash player should be opening as we speak and tuning you into WSHR. Controls for it are below. If the media player doesn't work you can try The Java Version.