The user interface is one of the most important components - it is where the user interacts with the car. I wanted to make my user interface powerful, yet inexpensive. After much pondering, I settled on a backlit 2X16 LCD from All Electronics corperation. pic although it doesn't photograph well.

I chose to have two of these displays, one on each side of my instrument cluster. I am still verifying that there is room behind the cluster for these units - in one case it will require removing a series of lamp housings - possibly cutting the underlying circuit board. 8 lines of one basic stamp will drive two LCD panels quite handily - while I've been testing with a couple of the data pins, I eventually plan to use the serial IO pins for communications with the computer.pic One of the LCD panels will mount directly beneith the two analog guages for temp and fuel. I plan to recycle these as generic assignable guages, and have their current functions appear on the LCD. These will also be driven from the basic stamp, although I haven't yet decided whether to use a F/V or use the PWM command. Obviously my main loop will have to execute very quickly if I use the PWM command, and this can be somewhat tricky on a basic stamp doing serial IO as the damn things have no buffers at all. Luckily, the new system doesn't require these boxes to do serial at all.

Below you will find implimentation details about the UI display driver module, which also handles input from the nintendo controllor. Pictures of the actual UI unit and schematics will also be made available.

Below you will also find a link to the source code for the main computer display driver