First of all.. for the information within, I am endebted to the entire electric vehicle mailing list. In particular, I would like to thank Lee Hart and David Stensland, as well as John Lentz.

After some research into days of archive past, I decided to purchase a electric steering pump for my vehicle. While I had heard of people driving conventional pumps with belts and whatnot, this didn't sound like the most ideal solution to my problem, so I went out and purchased a Toyota MR2 electric steering pump.

Now, not being the biggest gearhead in the world, I'm still a little unclear on how I'm going to use this pump. I can see two thick wires that are obviously +12 and ground, and I can tell I'm going to want to reuse the fusable link for either my alternater or my starter motor - but beyond that, I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm still looking for relays rated 100 amps, and as for what the other three wires do, I haven't a clue - though my guess is that it is either a RPM sensor, or a torque sensor, or a temp sensor. If I were Toyota, I'd have made it a temp sensor. ;-)

There will be more added to this page as I actually get the pump in the car and start playing iwth it. Oh, yeah, here's a picture of the pump, unmounted.