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Honda Shop Manuals

Surplus Electronics from Allelectronics

Computers from computer geeks

New electronics from Digikey

New integrated circuits from Arrow

Embedded micros from Parralex

Embedded micros [much more powerful and better priced! ;-)] from Atmel

Surplus stuff from Electric Goldmine

Batteries from Evercel. These rock. You can also see a graph of EVRC

Polypropeline straps from Samuel Strapping

Voltage Drop and Current Capacity for large loads

Voltage Drop and Current Capacity for _larger_ loads (thanks Brian) ;-)

Information about the CAN bus

Specs for battery group sizes

Other People's EVs

Here are links to other people's EV pages that strike me as cool. This is a new feature, so it may take some time to fill up

Roy LeMur's EV Page

Tom Hudson's page, includes a beautifully done photo essay on the conversion of a Solectria Force from PbA to NiCd


Evercel tech paper, very good