Against advice of many and sundry, i've decided to try and go for a peltier climate control system. This will consist of 24 peltier devices mounted as far forward in the car as possible, with integrated heatsinks. These devices will heat/cool water flowing through their heatsinks to a max of 130 degrees farenheit and a min of 20 degrees below ambient, with a hard limit set at 40. The system could be best described as leisurely at cooling down a cabin, with a max energy transfer of 1000W or so. On the other hand, at heating the system will excel. 1700W of heat, plus whatever the peltiers can scavange. As a optional upgrade, the peltiers could be equipped with a resistave heater assist. The climate control computer will take input sensors from both sides of two peltiers and heater core temp. The temp slider will choose a heater core temp to maintain by driving a pot.